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Do you provide residential weekly trash service?

We do not provide residential weekly trash service for your household trash. We are available to provide a container for projects at residential locations.


What type of items are prohibited from a front load container/dumpster?

Here is a list of a few things (call if questionable): Oil or contaminated filters, batteries, chemicals, paint, glue or tar cans that are not empty, drums, explosives, flammable, hazardous materials, dead animals, sewage, freon, household appliances, furniture, logs, stumps & tree trash, concrete, block & brick, asphalt, metal, tires, dirt, gravel, construction and demolition debris.


What type of items MUST be hauled separately in a Roll Off Container?

Logs, stumps & tree trash, concrete, block & brick, asphalt, metal, tires, dirt, gravel,

construction and demolition debris


What type of items MUST be manifested and hauled only in a Roll Off Container?

Crossties, Contaminated Soil, and Asbestos.


How should heavy or overweight items be handled?

To avoid creating a Safety Hazard and being charged overloaded fees heavy items such as Dirt, Concrete, Asphalt, etc., must be hauled in a 20 yard container only and CAN NOT be over HALF FULL. A fee will be charged for anything over the stated maximum tonnage.


Where will it be placed?

Roll-offs can be placed wherever the customer requests provided it does not create a safety hazard (75 feet in a straight line is needed. Preferably on a hard level surface with no wires or limbs above). Street placement must comply with local regulations and may require a permit (additional costs may apply).

How full can I fill my roll-off?

Debris cannot be loaded in a manner that allows it to protrude beyond the width or length of a container. Debris must be level with the top of the container, other than what is stated above. Overloaded materials may require the customer to offload excess material to facilitate safe travel.


Will the load be covered?

Yes. Commercial Disposal will cover load with a tarp before transport.


Does someone need to be onsite?

No. As long as the container is paid for, the area is accessible/safe, and Commercial Disposal has good placement instructions, no one needs to be onsite.


Can I move the container?

No. The roll-offs are designed to be moved only by special equipped vehicles. Property and/or dumpster damage may occur.


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